The moment I saw these lipsticks were being released I was obsessed with getting my hands on them. I am a huge fan of the Kate Moss Rimmel London lipsticks and as nudes are so very in right now, I just had to have them. Here is my full review on these gorgeous lipsticks!




I bought two of the lipsticks; shade #45 and #48. I actually couldn’t decide and was going to get them all but I didn’t want to go over board. The only color I didn’t like from this collection was shade #40 as I just felt it was too light and almost white looking. Not a look I would go for.



Shade #45
Shade #45

Shade #45 is a gorgeous Mauve color that is perfect to accompany a brown smokey eye or even by itself for a subtle day time look.

Shade #48
Shade #48

Shade #48 is a rich chestnut/cocoa color that is a real throwback to the 90s. Wear with a slick of eyeliner and lashes of mascara and let your lipstick do the talking.


Here’s what I love about them:

  • They smell amazing! The other Kate Moss lipsticks have the same smell and it is just divine.
  • They are really moisturising. I often find that lipsticks that aren’t super shiny can dry out my lips but that is not the case with this collection.
  • The color payoff is great. That is, you don’t need to keep applying the lipstick over and over to achieve the color that is the lipstick is supposed to be.
  • Long lasting. For a lipstick that is. Of course, once you drink/eat etc. lipstick wears off and this does too but more often that not, with drugstore brands you have to keep reapplying all night but this is not the case with these lippies.
  • The range of colors is fabulous so there is a nude to suit all skin tones.
  • Lastly, the packaging is super cute!



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As you know I love the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I love the dewy finish to it and the fact that the HD formula reflects light to make your skin look radiant. However I do find that it does not last as well as other foundations so I decided to try this 25 hour Foundation also from Rimmel London.

I also chose the Classic Beige colour.

The consistency is thicker in this 25 hour foundation and the coverage is a lot better. It does not have the dewy finish that I like but because of this it really does last a lot longer.

I do not really need a lot of coverage for my skin and I don’t like to feel as though I am wearing make-up. I find this foundation a lot heavier than the other one which means I don’t like to wear it during the day- I like to keep it for when I am going out at night.

I wouldn’t say it lasts 25 hours but it does last about 12 hours. One other thing I ¬†would say about this foundation is remember to take it off no matter how late it gets! This foundation seems to clog my pores quicker and when I didn’t take it off one night (yes I know shame on me!) I woke up to less than perfect skin!