Blonde bobs, long bobs, layered bobs -this really has been the year of the bob!

Here are some of my favourite for a little inspiration to take to your salon if you feel the need (or have the guts) to chop off some inches! It takes my hair so long to grow, that I cannot actually bring myself to get this cut, but I really do love it!


Although I prefer her hair red, Emma Stone looks amazing with this cut. And as for that lip color, 10/10.


Kate Mara is so beautiful and the ombre color on this bob changes up her look even more.


A longer bob is great if you don’t have the nerve to get the jaw line length and it still looks amazing, like this style on Lucy Hale.



Emma Roberts looks far more grown up and sophisticated with this look. She really has outgrown her baby looks now.

jessica alba

I actually love Jessica’s hair this length and the color is fab on her. She always has the best balayage around!


Kayley Cuoco also went in for the chop and I prefer this look on her than the pixie cut she has previously sported.


One of the originals, Kylie Jenner loves her 90’s fashion and this length is bang on 90’s trend.


Of course, Kristen Cavallari got in on the trend also – although I have to say I prefer her hair longer.


Supermodel Jourdan Dunn has recently admitted to wearing wigs due to her hair being so damaged from styling. Love this look on her and the color is gorgeous too.


Another one of my girl crush’s went in for the chop. Loving this look on Margot Robbie.


I sure if Rosie Huntington Whitely shaved off her hair, she would still be amazing but this longer, layered bob, is the nicest I have ever seen her hair. Ever.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

The queen of the LOB. My all time favourite LOB look goes to style icon, Sienna Miller.


Taylor Swift had dropped her spiral curled look for a more mature, grown up look and she champions the bob.

What do you think of the look? Would you cut off your tresses for the trend?

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Lou xx