It’s no doubt Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a much sought after look. Her effortless and natural beauty is glowing and dewy and her makeup looks are always on point. But how can you recreate this gorgeous look?




As you know, my hair was bleached in order to get my balayage look and since I got that done, I have really had to look after my hair.

I have a whole blog on how I care for bleached hair, which you can read here, but since that blog post, I have moved and cannot get the same products here, so I have had to try even more products!

This is how I found L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Blonde Shade Reviving Treatment.


Here is what I found with this product.

The Good:

  • It really does take away that brassy look and leave your hair a lot less orange.
  • It seems to lighten your hair a lot which is good if that is what you want, but if you enjoy the more caramel, orange tone to your hair, don’t get this.
  • It’s rinse out so you don’t have to leave in overnight.
  • it is less than $15!

The Bad:

  • This is not really bad, but I need to use an intense conditioning treatment after I use this as it does not moisturize my hair.

How to use:

  • Shampoo your hair as normal.
  • Take the treatment and apply to all blonde hair (I just apply to the lower half as I have balayage
  • Leave in your hair for about 7 minutes
  • Wash out
  • I apply a conditioning treatment then, such as the L’Oreal Paris Triple Resist Mask.

Triple Resist Masque

Just be aware that this is a toning treatment and not a conditioner so you need to use a conditioner/mask afterwards and should only do about once a week.

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Love, Lou xx


Having just been featured on (READ HERE) with my favorite beauty items, I wanted to return to doing my monthly favorite features on my blog too!

I have tried a LOT of new products recently and want to share my thoughts with you. Follow me on twitter (click here) or on instagram (click here) for all my daily updates and pictures!

Schwarzkopf Ultimate Repair Anti-Damage Mask

if you need your hair hydrated, this miracle mask is what you need! I use it 1-2 times per week on my bleached hair and it is fantastic. It leaves my hair feeling so silky and hydrated and it is only about $7!


Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother

This a dupe for Clairns Instant Light Lip Perfector. They have a very similar texture and consistency and small amazing! I love these for work. They look so natural but also like you made an effort to get ready, even though you just slapped this on on your way to work!

Again these products are only about $3.50 so how can you go wrong!


Clinique City Block SPF moisturizer

Whether you are in a warm country or not, your skin still needs SPF protection as the sun can penetrate your skin even when it feels cold outside. I wear this every day, even in Winter, and it is so nice to apply. The consistency is gorgeous and absorbs into the skin so well. Read my full review here.


Nyx Butter Gloss

These are insta-famous and the butter glosses have been recommended by beauty bloggers and editors for ages now, but I simply cannot stop raving about them even now! This is the shade Creme Brulee and is the perfect nude in my opinion. Wear solo, under your favorite nude toned lipstick or simply pair with your fav rose/nude tinted liner for a gorgeous look.


Savvy Mineral Baked Bronzer

Attempting to hang on to the last remnants of the Summer sun by using this little beauty. I love to use this on the apples of my cheeks and along my temples, to give a gorgeous glow. Think Jennifer Lopez style! This is especially fabulous on tanned skin or darker tones. I don’t recommend contouring with it as it has a shimmer and you should always use a matte bronzer to carve out those cheek bones. Also, be aware that the powder is pigmented so use less color that you want at first, and build up to the desired shimmer. It’s always easier to add product than to take it away!


W7 In the Buff Palette

A dupe for the Naked 2 palette at less than one quarter of the price, makes the W7 In the Buff Palette, a must have of mine for bronze, earthy tones. I have a full review on the blog, to read just click here.


Essence Nail Polish

I just love Essence nail polish. They have an amazing range of color choice, they are EUR1.79 and as far as nail polishes go, do not chip off that easily.

This picture is my nails on day 5! The colors are #36 dare it nude and the glitter one is #44on air!


Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer

I love Rimmel Perfect Match concealer but this one is just taking its place for me in my favorite concealer category! I love this concealer in the shade Light, but you can also buy a Brightener shade, which is really great for those that suffer with dark circles or just want to use it for a contouring purpose. I usually squeeze it out onto the back of my hand, as I don’t tend to like using the applicator, but as far as annoying applicators go, this isn’t the worst! This is so worth buying so it is a must have to add to your beauty bag!


Have you tried any of these products? If you have, be sure to let me know!

Love Lou xx


I also have my going out/ special event fragrance but I also always keep an every day perfume in my handbag that I use for work or day time.


Right now, my go-to day time scent is an absolute bargain and is just $10 from Zara. Ladies, I give you Zara Woman Chocolate.


This Eau de Toilette, has a base note of musk with elements of vanilla and cocoa, topped off with a top note of chocolate. Yes it is a sweet scent, but I just find it irresistible and for $10, you cannot go wrong! Of course, it is not the most long lasting fragrance but that won’t stop me buying it again and again!


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Love Lou xx


If you follow my blog at all, you know by now I am a huge fan of hair oils and I use them on myself every time I wash my hair. I have recently been using Diamond Oil from Redken and here are my thoughts!


I am not a fan at all of this oil. For some reason, I feel like it doesn’t penetrate my hair well and this leaves me with two issues:

1.) My hair looks oily, even though it is freshly washed.

2.) It doesn’t moisturize my hair, the way I expect a hair to.

I have tried using less of the oil, in order to stop it staying on the surface of my hair and look greasy but then my hair feels dry and brittle (not at all the way Moroccan Oil makes my hair feel!) and I like to keep my hair super soft as it is bleached at the bottom for my balayage color.


In saying this, if I leave my hair, the oil is usually soaked into my hair overnight but who wants to go a whole day with oily looking hair, when it is freshly washed? Not me!

It doesn’t have a smell to it either, which may appeal to some people but I love the smell of hair products so this is another con for me.

Something I love is the dropper, that allows you to control exactly how much oil comes out, ensuring no waste or excess.


However with a price of just over $50, I will NOT be repurchasing this product.

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Love Lou xx