If you didn’t come across the Burberry monogrammed poncho last year, the I am sorry to say, you must have been living under a rock. The poncho was EVERYWHERE and of course, the most stylish celebs were all papped wearing their initialed poncho.


This season, however there is a new must have Burberry item in store. With the latest offereing from the British brand, The Scarf Bar, you can pick your own thread, print size, color and of course, personalize it with your initials. Celebs have already been rocking this trend for a more classic silhouette.

Suki Waterhouse
Suki Waterhouse
Cara D
One Direction's Lian Payne
One Direction’s Lian Payne


Burberry-scarf-bar-13-Vogue-28Aug15-pr_b_646x430 Burberry-scarf-bar-14-Vogue-28Aug15-pr_b_646x430

I am personally in love with the look and I love that Burberry is officially back. As a through and through 90s & 00s girl, I never thought I would look forward to wearing a Burberry scarf!

What do you think of these scarves? Tweet me or follow me on Instagram for all my latest updates and pics!

Love, Lou xx

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