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Having heard such great things about the Bioderm Micellar Water, I was keen to try it but let’s be honest, it is a little on the expensive side. So when I came across Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (and it cost about $9) I picked it up straight away.

Use the cleansing water with a cotton pad (I always like to dampen my cotton pad first to ensure I do not drag at my skin!) to remove all makeup and dirt from your skin.

It feels like so fresh on your skin, just like applying water but with the ability to remove dirt and oil (as well as makeup) in a way that water cannot.

My skin feels fresh and clean, with no feeling of residue left on my skin. I have quite oily skin and the micellar water cleanses without leaving my skin feeling dry or irritated.

I would thoroughly recommend this product and if you have not yet tried it, do check it out. It does the work of a facial wipe, cleanser and toner all in one!


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