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I love texturised hair and that beach wave look that is loved by celebs such as Kate Hudson, Blake Lively and Jennifer Aniston. I have used lots of sea spray mists before to recreate this look. The best product I ever used was a sea salt spray from John Freida, which unfortunately has been discontinued for about 8 years!

So I am always in search of new sea salt sprays and I used to be a fan of Lee Stafford (read more about this spray here) and I have even made my own (find out how to do that here!)

Why do I love this spray?

  • Firstly, it smells amazing! With hints of coconut and salt, it just smells of summer!
  • It leaves just the right amount of texture in your hair, without making your hair sticky and unmanageable.
  • The layer of oil in the spray makes sure your hair doesn’t dry out
  • It provides a little hold but again does not give your hair that stuck to your head look.
  • You can gently brush it out.
  • It has enough hold to stop your hair frizzing!

I would totally recommend this product. It is about $20 but it is totally worth it!



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