I have always been a fan of Clairn’s Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch but I have found a product from a pharmacy that acts exactly as this product does.


L’Oreal have introduced a product called Revitalift Miracle Blur cream. It comes in SPF 30 which of course is so important, and it also comes in an oil free version if you have oily skin.


You can wear it alone or under your makeup. If you wear it under makeup just before to let it set and soak into your skin before applying foundation.

The cream just acts as a filler and gently makes wrinkles, lines and pores seem refined and less visible.

046It reminds me of a silicone primer and it feels quite heavy when you first squeeze some product out. It looks like quite thick but it really melts into your skin and feels really silky.

Your skin really feels like silk after application and pores appear smaller, and as the name suggests it literally “blurs” imperfections on your face. You don’t need a lot so be sure to only use a pea sized amount!

It’s great as a primer but is also great to use alone to perk your skin up. It is cheaper than the Clairn’s product and you get a lot more product too.

Click here to buy



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