It is Summer and of course, bikini season has everybody panicked about donning your 2 piece! For this reason, I asked top Beverly Hills trainer, Metz Izzet what are his top tips to help you get fit this Summer!


1) Fasted Cardio… This is a cardio that is performed before eating any foods first thing in the morning and has been claimed to help speed up the fat loss process. 25 to 40 mins is all you need. It won’t be easy but the final results will be well worth it.


2) Change You’re Daily Workout… Its easy to do the same workout each time you go to the gym but adding variety will shock your body and prevent plateau. for example, regular bodysquats can be changed to jump squats or add weights to the regular squats. Planks can be done by keeping your core tight and raising one leg and holding for 10 secs then changing sides.
Shocking the body is the best way to get results!


3) Burpees…. The most comprehensive exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime! Three sets of burpees will give you a cardio workout while also targeting upper body, lower body and core strength. Its the all in one exercise.


4) Nutrition… Vital in getting that summer body. Cut out carbohydrates after 2pm and add berries into your diet to help load on antioxidants, whilst also topping up in fiber as well as keeping cholesterol low.


5) Sleep Well.. Resist the urge to stay up later during long summer days. Instead pay attention to good sleep hygiene by keeping the same bedtime and wake up schedule and not drink alcohol within 3 hours of bedtime.



So there you have it! Metz is available for personal training and is based in West LA. For more details on personal training sessions with Metz, contact

Hope you enjoyed these tips guys!



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