Have you heard about Ben Nye Banana Powder? I feel like the product has become famous since Kim Kardashian posted a picture of her wearing the powder to contour her face to Twitter and Instagram.

Kim Kardashian gives fans a behind-the-scenes peek of her beauty makeover


The powder is a yellow toned  and ultra fine. The yellow powder is perfect for setting your under eye concealer, as it brightens your under eye area and highlights. If you have any excess on your brush from setting your concealer, run the brush over your t-zone to set the area too.

The powder is so fine, that it really sets your concealer without making it cakey. It keeps it wrinkle free too.


If you are very pale, the yellow Banana powder can look darker or yellow on you, you can use the Ben Nye Cameo Powder instead, to better match your skin tone.


How to use it:

1. Tap a little of the product into the lid

2. With a small powder brush, like this one from BH Cosmetics (just $4 – click here to buy) dip the brush into the lid of the product and tap your brush to remove any excess.


3. Apply to set your concealer

4. without adding more product to the brush, apply between the eyebrows, down the nose and on the cupid’s bow and chin.


You will never use translucent powder to set your concealer again after trying this product!


It’s not very readily available but you can buy it here.



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