I love to tan. I love lying by the pool sunbathing and I love the look of a healthy tan. However you need to tan safely. This is so important.

I have quite sallow skin but at the same time, I am Irish and need to protect my skin. You need to wear SPF every time you are in the sun, whether you burn or not. In fact, even if you do not go red or burn, you are still at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Sure a ten in your teens and 20’s is attractive but it is not worth cutting your life short by 20 or 30 years!

If you do one thing this Summer, wear SPF. If you do one thing today, it’s watch this video.

Dear 16 year old me

I love this new Sublime Sun Oil from L’Oreal SPF 30. I love oil on my skin, it smells like holidays, feels so soft on your skin and still allows you to tan while protecting your skin too!

Please watch the video and mind your skin this Summer!




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