I recently bought the Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in 113 which is the nude colour. They have been out for a while but I have only recently bought one!

I love a nude lipstick and think that it is a must for every makeup bag. They are perfect for day time as they are neutral and you can also wear them at night with a gloss to balance out a smokey eye.


What I thought:


The pigmentation in this lipstick is great. Just one slick of the lippie gives great colour. The colour is matte and a very pale nude. It looks like the colour you get over your lips when you apply foundation over your lips and face. For this reason, I love it but I also have to wear a gloss over it as it is extremely matte.

I love to add a pale pink gloss over it when I am heading out. I also find this lipstick colour really great if you have red lips in general (high pigment) as it conceals the lips and covers the high colouring in them.

Staying power:

The staying power is good. It stays on well but you do need to reapply it a few times especially if you wear a gloss over it that helps it wear off quicker.


It’s about $6! You can’t go wrong!

What I don’t like:

The smell is a little synthetic so I don’t really like that! It is a little drying on the lips so I would recommend a slick of gloss or lipbalm so your lips are moisturising!

I would definitely recommend this product! Great lipstick and a great price!




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