Every girl needs some neutral eye shadows. They build a socket, help to achieve that “I’m not wearing makeup look” and are the perfect combination when you are wearing a strongly coloured lipstick. You can also use these colours to build a smokey eye look as well.


The first one most people look to is the Naked Palette. If you don’t have €50 to shell out – no worries, I have the perfect alternative!

The 88 neutral colour palette from BH Cosmetics is just $12.50. The prices vary slightly depending on what deal they have on that week but trust me there are always deals and you would be mental to miss out on these amazing products.

The delivery cost me $7 for standard ground delivery which I expected to be about a week but it arrived in about 2 days.


The colours come in a range of neutral tones but also have some strong pigments too. There are everything from creams, dusty pinks, light to dark brown, orange tones, copper tones, plum and red tones and even a black shadow which is very similar to MAC Carbon.

My main concern was whether they were all matte or shimmer. From the image I couldn’t see if there were any mattes; they all looked shimmery so I tweeted to BH Cosmetics and they tweeted back within a few hours to let me there was a mix of textures which I was delighted with. To create the perfect, blended look, you need the staying power of matte and the smudge of shimmer!


The colours blend well. They are easy to apply and there isn’t much fallout with this product. It’s easy to create a simple socket or to create a more dramatic smokey eye.

Staying Power:

I did find that the colour doesn’t last as long as other shadows I have used but at the same time, it lasted for as long as I needed it for.


This is is best part! I mean under $15 (most of the time with deals is an amazing price!)

I love, love, love this product!! It is definitely a product I would recommend!

Shop here!



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