This Summer, make sure your skin stays really hydrated for baby soft, touchable skin!

No one likes dry skin, especially during Summer when you want to show off a little more skin so I have put together some tips to ensure your skin stays hydrated during these next few months! (Also if you are tanning, your skin will hold your tan longer, if it is moisturised properly!

Face Moisturizer:

I love Clinique Super City Block in  SPF 40 and wear it everyday since moving to LA. Click to read more about it here.

Buy here:

Extra Hydration:

For a super surge of hydration, try  Clinique ‘Moisture Surge’ Intense Fortifying Hydrator. This stuff is amazing. A little on the pricey side but well worth it as it lasts so long. My last one lasted about 4 months! You only need this after a day tanning in the sun or once or twice a week for extra hydration.

Buy here

After Tanning:

Ribbet collage

For after tanning, I love to use Vaseline Coco Butter. It smells so good and keeps you lovely and soft. The Aloe Vera one is especially good for after tanning, especially for paler skin tones that tend to burn.

Buy Coco Butter here

Buy Aloe Vera here

Before bed:

When I have a shower or bath at night, I use baby oil on my skin to really lock in moisture. It’s best to use it at night, so it can fully absorb into your skin without rubbing off on your clothes, makeup or hair.

Moisturising in a rush!

Just because you are running late for work, doesn’t mean you should skip moisturising after your shower! With the new spray and go moisturizer from Vaseline, you have no excuse!

Buy here:

Also, it’s so important to drink lots of water to keep hydrated in the sun!

Have you used any of these products? Let me know what you thought of them!


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