I posted this picture on FB of the really popular Jack Daniels T-Shirt, but there is nothing worse than a blogger posting an image they found on Pinterest and they haven’t clue where you can buy the items in questions!

large (1)

You as a reader is kind of left thinking, “Great – but that’s no use to me, if I don’t know where to buy the clothes!” Therefore, I try and post the outfits and where you can get them also. I don’t always do this I know, so if there is an outfit that I post that you love, just leave a comment or tweet me to let me know t do a Get the Look post!

Jack Daniels - the only man I trust

Mango button up shirt
$60 –

White top

Armor Lux cotton shorts
$73 –

Pointy flat
$33 –

Chunky jewelry

Circle sunglasses
$11 –

I added in the shades and necklace myself, just because I think they go really well together!

I love chunky necklaces (I am always robbing my housemates!)
Let me know what you think of the look!

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