I cannot get enough of this lipstick! It is amazing! When I was in the shop, I couldn’t decide which lipstick I wanted more because all the colours are so great!

I wanted to get the coral, lilac, neutral and pink but I ended going with the pink colours, in Petal Rebel.


Why I like it:

  • It smells like pink Lobello (do you remember that stuff??) So delicious!!
  • It goes on so slick – it is like it is a lip balm, lipstick and gloss altogether!
  • The colour is so subtle yet obvious! This makes no sense but the colour is fabulous on but looks almost wet look like you have a gloss on it and not matte, thick or heavy.
  • It is $9!! Bargain.
  • I have a Vaseline/lipbalm addiction and always need to put some on before my lipstick, or my lips feel so dry. Not with this lipstick – it is as moisturising as a lip balm that there is no need for additional lipbalm.Color Whisper™ by Color Sensational®

What I didn’t like

  • I am afraid it’s going to melt in my bag with the LA heat! Because it is so wet look, it seems softer than a regular lipstick but so far this has not been the case!

I am a big fan of Maybelline lipsticks anyways, but this collection will be my only go to from now on. You have to try this lipstick out, it comes in so many colours that there is bound to be something you like!

Buy here:



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