So this post is mainly to ask for your help!

The Cosmo Blog Awards are in its 4th year now and I would love to be nominated and shortlisted but I need your help! If you love my blog and want to help me further its exposure, it would mean the world to me to vote for me in these awards.

cosmo blog


It literally will take you 30 seconds! You can nominate The Stylish World of Lou in 2 categories:

1. Best New Fashion Blog

2. Best New Beauty Blog

The blog is not under 1 year old (you get asked this) and the URL is

Please click here to vote!!

I started my blog in January 2012, after blogging for two Irish blogs for just over a year, and when they became more celebrity gossip focused, I decided I wanted to concentrate a blog of my own on beauty & fashion.

While working full time, I went back to study make-up artistry in order to better answer all your beauty & makeup related questions and I also work in Fashion PR with some amazing designers and celebrities.

I would love to be nominated so if you love my blog, please take the 30 seconds to vote for me!

Thank you so much- you have no idea how important your vote is to me!

Amy-Lou x x

Vote here


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