So I hadn’t tried a lot of new products last month so I hadn’t really any favourites but this month, I tried lots so let’s jump straight into it!

Wet n Wild Mascara


I did a full review on this product, which you read here, but in a nut shell I love this product because a) it cost $2.99 and b) it is actually amazing. I love the curved brush, it really lifts the lashes and there is lots of product in the mascara tube. It is really creamy and doesn’t flake off and gives a fantastic curl to my lashes.


Maybelline Colour Whisper


This is my favourite lipstick at the minute and I will have a full review up this week. I couldn’t chose which colour to get in the store, but I ended up getting a pink coloured one, Petal Rebel. It is like a gloss, lip balm and lipstick all rolled into one! I am going to be getting a lot more of these!

Buy here:



NYC Colour Eyebrow Powder


I have a full review on this product (click here to read) and I would recommend this product to anyone! I always fill in my brows and this powder and wax, keeps them in shape all day long and doesn’t fade away like other powders.



Wet n Wild Gel Liner

Digital StillCamera

This really creamy liner, goes on so easily and doesn’t smudge or flake off. You will need an eye make up remover to get it off, it’s that good! Read a full review here. I use a different applicator brush though as this one is just too small for me!



Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover


This product is insanely amazing! It says it’s oil free but it does fell oily when you put it on and therefore your eye makeup slides off. I love this because it means you don’t have to scrub that delicate eye area and the formula is so gentle, it doesn’t sting your eyes either!

Garnier Olia Hair Dye


If you dye your hair yourself, I would definitely recommend giving this a try. It has no ammonia in it, which is great for your hair and therefore isn’t as damaging as other dyes. When I rinse dye out of my hair, it always feels like straw, until I put the deep conditioner in it but this was not the case at all with this brand. It felt so soft even before I used the hair mask, that comes with it. It does lose its colour faster than ammonia based products though.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Stay Matte Pressed Powder

I have mentioned this product on my blog before and have done a review on it (read the full review here) but I felt it deserved another mention because it really is a great powder. It doesn’t look cakey at all on the face and I prefer it to MAC Studio Fix powder any day.  For $8, you can’t really go wrong! This is always in my handbag! I wear the shade, silky beige.

Clean & Clear Persa Gel 10

This spot cream is so good. You put a dot on before bed and boom- the blemish is gone the next morning. It is as strong as the cream you can be prescribed by doctors and it only costs about $8! It feels like cement when it dries on but who cares when you are heading off to bed! (Read all about it here)

Zara Perfume – 92 Champs Elysees Paris


I wanted an everyday perfume to keep thrown in my handbag and was having a nose around Zara, when I noticed this perfume! It was $16 (I think it’s €9.95) and it smells great. It doesn’t smell cheap at all and the staying power of the scent is a lot longer than I expected. Buy here.

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