I have started to try out Wet n Wild since I moved to LA because it’s not readily available at home, it’s in every pharmacy and drugstore here and is really budget friendly!


I adore their lipsticks and mascara (read my review here) and when my gel liner was running low, I decided to try out the brand’s Mega Eyes Cream Liner. It cost about $4!

Digital StillCamera

I use gel liner all the time; it’s my product of choice and I have a few in the past from MAC to Essence to LA Creative.

My favourite had always been LA Creative but since that only exists in Dublin, I wanted to try something different.


What I liked:

  • The product is pigmented and is really black (if that makes sense!) I hate buying a product that says it’s black but ends up looking grey or charcoal once on
  • The product lasts! It’s really creamy and spreads nicely across your lash line so you don’t need much product at once
  • It’s really creamy (as mentioned above) and therefore is easy to apply. It really glides on so you don’t have to tug at your delicate eye area
  •  It doesn’t “crack” or break off like a lot of cheaper eye liners
  • It’s only $4!!!

What I didn’t like:

  • The shape of the bottle is kind of half sphere shaped and therefore a bit annoying. I don’t know, I can’t imagine this would annoy everyone but I always end up with product on my hands from closing the lid!
  • The application brush it comes with is tiny so you definitely need to have your own brush to apply

**TIP** Because it is long lasting, you will need to take it off with an eye makeup remover so you don’t end up scrubbing and pulling your delicate eye area

If you want to buy this product, you can do so here online!

If you have tried this before, please leave a comment or tweet me your thoughts!

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