Sisters take each other’s clothes so it’s not suprising that even the Kardashian women swap clothes and share outfits.

The girls have been snapped numerous times wearing the same outfits so here is a special Who Wore it Best post so you can vote on each look!

It looks like Kim and Kourtney have been sharing maternity clothes.

The girls are all fans of Herve Leger body con dresses and here Khloe and Kim have the same dress in different colours, but who gets your vote?

The same two sisters again in the same dress, accessorized differently!


Youngest of the bunch, Kyliie borrows this outfit from big sister Kim.

Kim must let the girls rummage through her closet a lot because this time Kendall is the one taking a dress from her! They have style it very differently but I like both looks. Which one do you prefer?

The Jenner girls go head to head in this poll! I know who gets my vote!


A throwback to when the girls were just getting their taste of fame! This gold dress is awful and really tacky but I think it’s fairly obvious who should win this poll.

And again…


And again…

And again…

Ribbet collage

I actually hope they share this Birkin because at starting prices of $15,000 that is one expensive bag!



This DVF dress that Kourtney wore on Kim and Kourtney take Miami looks very familiar!

I don’t know why either of them even wore this jumpsuit! Neither of them should have!

Kourtney’s pregnancy style is certainly better than that of her younger sister, Kim’s.

They both look incredible here so this is a tough one. I love Kim’s necklace but I also love Kourtney’s bare neck and sleeked back hair!

All three of the girls wore the pussy bow and pleated skirt trend but who do you it suits best or who carries it off the best?

At least it makes us feel better that even the richest of sisters share clothes!

I hope you enjoyed the post guys!




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