I cannot leave the house with my brows filled in; I simply feel naked without them. I wear no make-up alot of time during the day but my brows have to be done first thing.

I change up how I do my brows and I alternate between using pencils and powders and combinations of the two. Right now I am just using a powder. My favourite brow powder was Essence brow kit (which I featured in my November favourites and also in my must have products under €10) – it was only about €3 but since moving to LA I can’t find that product here so I was forced to change.

Introducing, NYC Browser Brush-On Brow Kit. This is my new brow powder that I use everyday and I still have loads left.

It is $3.99 and can be purchased online here, if a local pharmacy doesn’t sell it!

I like it because it also comes with a wax that you can use to keep your brows in place! The colour is quite dark so if you have fairer hair, you definitely won’t get away with this product, go for a lighter colour.

My brows filled in with NYC brow kit (my ear looks really red ha!)

It does last well but for a night out, I like to add a little pencil for extra staying power. (I have only the brow powder on in the above picture)

It comes with a little application brush and a mini tweezers (so adorable but doesn’t work!) but I like to apply it with a flat brush, like the one below.

I would definitely recommend this product and if you don’t like it, you have only spent a few dollars!


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