The MTV Movie Awards were held tonight in Los Angeles and for the stars that could drag themselves away from all the fun at Coachella, there was a red carpet waiting for them to walk down.

Here is a look at the fashion from the red carpet here in LA.


Kim Kardashian, I think looked well but could have gone for something that flattered her bump and pregnancy weight better such as a flowing maxi dress.

Selena Gomez looked stunning in gold but I didn’t really like her hair. I think it would have looked better down, with a natural wave.

I didn’t like the patch work denim look that Chloe Moretz wore on the red carpet, even if it was Louis Vuitton. As for her shoes, they are too old for her I think and age her.

Bella Thorne looked stunning in Armani at the event. I adore this pants suit and her hair back off her face like that looks amazing on her!

I mean for Snooki, she looked incredible. The hair is still huge, the dress is still a little tacky and her tan is still too far on the side of orange for most people but for this Jersey Shore star, it is a major improvement and was not expected at all!

I don’t like this outfit. Well not for red carpet anyways. Her hair is too severe off her face as well.

J Woww, I guess also tried to go for the classy look but as much as Snooki almost pulled it off, this outfit that Jenny is wearing is simply awful. It is not suited to the MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

Tonight seemed to be the night of the Jersey Shore stars on the red carpet. Sam was more appropriately dressed for the awards but I don’t like the dress, shoes or hair.

Er…Hana Mae Lee wore a stubbed out cigarette on her head. I have no words.

Despite looking like he is living up to his thrift store lyrics, I actually thought Macklemore looked cool on the red carpet. He is satirical in his lyrics and and went for an over the top look. I think it is cool – something only he could pull off!

I think this dress is very unflattering on Kylie and does her no favours. Her shoes are gorgeous though. I think she could have pulled off Bella Thorne’s outfit well too!

I barely recocognised Brittany Snow here. Again, I must say I am disappointed in this outfit. Does everyone forget that the MTV Movie Awards as fun and they can dress a little less formal and conservative on this red carpet!

I don’t even want to comment on this. I though it was Lady Gaga. Kesha – bad look.

Mike and Molly star, Melissa McCarthy, looked gorgeous I thought and was probably one of my favourites from the night!

This outfit is gorgeous. Zoe Saldana looks amazing but this is not red carpet appropriate!!! I wish I could shake her stylist!

I was very disappointed with the fashion tonight. The style was better at Coachella, those who stayed were better off!



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