I did a post a while back on how to contour but my contouring routine has changed slightly since then so here is my updated routine.

There are many different ways to contour so these are basic tips on how to do it correctly but you can use your own products that suit your skin tone best.

Contouring can completely change the shape of your face. Here are the products I currently use.


Step 1: Bronzing

Feel where your cheekbone is and then move down along your cheek to just under your cheekbone, where your face dips in slightly. This is where you bronze.

Using your contour brush, dip into the bronzer, removing any excess and apply in a sweeping back & forth motion in this area.

Add a little bronzer to your temples and also along your jaw line to make this areas appear slightly more narrow. This can really alter your face shape, giving it a thinner look.

Step 2: Highlighting

You want to highlight the cheek bone so that it stands out to give the sought after high cheek bone effect. Mix your brush between the 2 colours in Benefit’s Perfect 10 and brush sweep across the cheekbone, under the eyebrow and a little over the cupid’s bow on your lips.

Step 3: Blush

Using your blusher brush, dip the brush into your favourite blusher and smile. Smiling is essential so you can clearly see the apples of your cheeks, as this is exactly where you want to apply the blusher to.



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