Mila Kunis to me is one of the hottest girls around right now (ok when she is done up and not in her sweats with Ashton Kutcher!) and I am slightly obsessed with her.

I love her eye make-up and her almond shaped eyes.


Here is a really simple way to recreate this look that Mila Kunis wears to give yourself sexy, almond shaped eyes.


1. As always start out with a few layers of matte beige or cream coloured eyeshadow to act as a primer and help your shadow stay in place.

2.Taking a bronze/copper toned shimmer and a tapered blending brush, build the colour into the crease of the eye and with a fluffy blending brush, blend the colour out.

3. Bring the same colour under the lower lash line using a thin, pointed liner brush and again blend so there is not a harsh line. You can blend this with a q-tip or cotton tip rather than a fluffy blending brush to ensure you don’t bring the colour too far under the lash line.

4. Next step, is to take a shimmer charcoal colour and apply close to the top lash line. Apply this generously and blend up with your fluffy blending brush across the lid.

5. When you bring this charcoal colour under the lash line, be sure to stay close to the lash line and above the bronze/copper eyeshadow. Blend gently enuring you can still see the bronze/copper underneath the lash line.

6.  Line your eyes all the way around with thick line of black eyeliner. Line the top lash line, the lower lash line and the water line all the to the tear duct.  Using a smudger, smudge the liner on your top lash line so it blends with the charcoal colour.

**Tip** Kohl pencil work best for this. Warm the tip a little in your fingers and this will allow you to blend it easier.

7. Now add lashings of mascara. To get that false lash effect without using false lashes, click here!

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