It seems that red lipstick is always in but here is a little about how the trend came about and who are the pioneers and ambassadors for this iconic look!

The first account of red lipstick was the Mesopotamian women and sometimes even men who used semi-precious stones on their lips for colour.

Cleopatra was known for crushing beetles and ants to get the right shade of scarlet for her lips- gross! This is where the phrase “Kiss of Death” comes from!

Queen Elizabeth 1, who made cosmetics popular int the 16th Century, used to wear a pale white face of makeup and bright red lips that she got from a mix of beeswax and plants.

Throughout the 1700’s lipstick and cosmetics were frowned upon and there were very strict anti-cosmetics laws and in the 1800’s Queen Victoria pronounced makeup to be impolite and it became unfashionable during her reign.


Ribbet collage

After the first world war, when make-up began to become more available again, red lipstick became Marilyn Monroe’s trademark look and with the additional influence of Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Hayworth, lipstick wear rose to 98% in the US.

The likes of Debbie Hary and Madonna kept the trend going through the 70’s and 80’s and during this time, M.A.C. introduced their first line of lipsticks and Madonna made their Russian Red color popular by wearing it throughout her Like a Virgin World Tour.

Ribbet collageSince then, red lipstick has been popular and even when in the 90’s everyone was wearing brown & plum shades, supermodel Cindy Crawford kept the red lipstick look.

Gwen Stefani is rarely seen without her trademark red lipstick and even more recently the younger generation of stars such as Gaga and Taylor Swift keep the trend alive!

Click  here to see my favourite red lipstick and click here for my tips and on how to get the perfect red lips!




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