This post takes  a look at the ever changing style of Rihanna and it takes you back to when she was fresh on the scene when no one would have ever believed this good girl could go bad!

August 28 2005

Bubblegum pop- Rihanna looks like butter wouldn’t melt

Very casual in leggings at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in 2006.

Looking slightly more grown up as she performs in London channeling her inner Diana Ross.

Getting a little more sexy as she attends the Billboard Awards.

She attended the Grammys wearing Roberto Cavalli in 2007.

The Good Girl is starting to go bad in LA in 2007.

I am not mad about the Herve Leger dress but she looks so elegant and I love her hair like this- old school Hollywood glamour.

Loving her short hair here- she still looks so lady like even with her then edgy hair cut. This is when she had the balance correct.

Trying to find her own style and express herself, we begin to see Rihanna evolving rapidly.

Why couldn’t she have just stayed looking like this- I mean she looks amazing here!

Head to toe in Chanel.

The gorgeous and infamous “Rihanna Red” hair colour. I think this was the beginning of the end of her style. She went a bit too far after this.

Raunchy but festival appropriate for V Festival.

All in all she has had her few moments last year and this year where she has looked amazing but she has gone far too tacky and dare I say, trashy, for my liking.

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