So upset I couldn’t be at the awards with my bestie, but none the less I have the red carpet report here!

Th event which was held here in Los Angeles last night saw the likes of Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and The Wanted win awards with performances by Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keyes.

Taylor Swift looked mature, elegant and simply stunning in Ralph Lauren. A little tan was needed though as the white washed her out a little.

Lea Michele looked amazing in this hot pink ensemble which showed off her amazing figure and complimented her colouring completely.

Naomi Watts looks amazing however I felt this dress was a little too formal for the People’s Choice- I mean it’s not the Oscars so you can afford to be a little more fun and wear a cocktail dress!

Personally one of the worst movies I have ever seen, but Jennifer Lawrence is undeniably stunning. I feel bad she gets such a hard time in Hollywood over her weight. This dress does nothing to show off her gorgeous curves though.

The words mutton and lamb spring to mind. This is not a good look for Jennifer. For someone with such an amazing figure, this dress does not flatter her in any way and for God’s sake woman wear a bra!

I LOVE this dress but I don’t think it is award night friendly- more like something I would wear to Sunday brunch not the People’s Choice. I do prefer this demure side to Katy Perry though.  Love her hair and make-up here- it’s great to see her natural, stunning face.

I can’t believe I am saying this but Emma Watson, what are you wearing? This dress is too busy for me, combining print and peplum and the length is a bit weird? Not on my best dressed list today Emma.

What did you think of the outfits on the night? Comment below or on my Facebook page or for a faster response tweet me!

For the style & fashion obsessed..

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