Ok so I mentioned on my Facebook the other day that Urban Decay were bringing out a new Naked Palette.


If you are not familiar with the Naked Palette, Urban Decay have two out right now; the original Naked Palette and the Naked 2 Palette.

The Naked Palette I find are better for darker, more sallow toned skins as they are warmer I find. It comes with brush and mini Urban Decay eye primer potion.


The Naked 2 contains a few similar colours to the original but has 5 exclusive colours. It has a double ended brush, a tin, sturdier box, a larger mirror and comes with a mini lipgloss (not sure what this has to do with eyeshadows though- eye primer makes more sense to me!)


They both retail for about €40-45 ($50).

However, the latest installment to the Naked family, is the Naked Basics which contains 6 Naked, neutral matte colours. It contains 4 brand new shades. It retails at $27.

What do you think? will you buy this palette? I think I still prefer the original but this is a great alternative if you have a budget right now but still want to get the Naked look. Because they are matte, they are great for building colour and blending!

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