For some strange reason, I have taken to watching 90210 the original series and the fashion made me nostalgic and a little cringey!

We all wore them- don’t pretend you didn’t! You know you were a 90’s kid when you wore:


Boot Runners

Hmmmm. Yes these were so cool, don’t even pretend they weren’t! I guess high tops are kind of getting their inspiration from these.


Denim Shirts

It’s funny how this became a major trend this year. I am in love in my denim shirt still! But I guess I like to think I wear my denim shirt a little cooler than this guy!



Now this is an unflattering look that I am glad is gone! Skinny jeans please stay with us forever and never leave!


Hair Accessories

Coloured scrunchies, bobbins, clips and other hair ties were crazy looking. I always wore my ponytail up so high to the point where I would get a headache!


Coloured bands

I had these up both my arms in as many colours as I could find! #cringe Of course then these got bands because of some sexual representation that they had!

Jelly Shoes

Please tell me you remember these. I was obsessed with these and wanted to wear them everywhere. How my mother could look at me with a straight face with these on is beyond me!


Boys T-shirts rolled back

Brandon and Dillon from 90210 reminded me of how guys used to have the sleeves of their t-shirts rolled back!

Admit it you wore these too! What are your fashion faux pas from the 90’s? Comment below or on my Facebook page or for a faster response tweet me!

For the style & fashion obsessed..

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