She shot to fame after landing a role as a judge on the UK X Factor and as usual with these shoes, The Stylish World of Lou is more interested in what she wears than what she has to say!

She has made some major fashion disasters and here are a few of what can only be described as her worst moments.

This futuristic outfit looks cheap and tacky and bulges in all the wrong places.

Not quite pulling off the festival look at all- there is just too much going on in this outfit (not to mention the awful tan!)

I think some kind of bird attacked her here!

Uuugghh this is awful. I think she is going for Urban Chic here but it’s more cheap and tacky than anything else!

No no no! She really needs to find her own style or just perhaps hire a stylist!

How she thought that she could wear this in public is beyond me. Surely she doesn’t look in the mirror and say “Wow, I look great today!”

I think Tulisa really needs to find her style and goes between urban hip hop and trying to be young and feminine.

Hopefully, she will sort out her wardrobe but until then we will keep an eye out for all her forthcoming fashion disasters!

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