I bought this Lee Stafford hair product in Boots about two weeks ago! I was actually looking for some sea salt spray at the time and spotted this and decided I would buy this one instead. I though it was 9 as that’s what the price said but after paying, I realised it had cost about €12.50! Which to be honest is very expensive and more than I was willing to pay.

So what did I think of it?

I first used it the same way I would use a sea salt spray! Don’t use it like this- it literally makes your hair messy. Not cute messy, bed head. Just messy. Also the smell is a bit weird. I can’t put my finger on it but it smells like boy’s shower gel or something.

What I didn’t like was the fact that it didn’t have any instructions on the back as to how to use it so I googled it! Once I knew how to use it I was hooked. I forgave the smell, I forgave the price- I am hooked!

How I use it:

  • The best way I use it is to use at the roots of your hair to get volume
  • Shake the bottle vigorously until the thick liquid becomes a little more, well, liquid!
  • Lift a section of your hair around your split or crown, the way you were if you were teasing or back combing your hair
  • Spray the underneath of the section with the product and rub into your hair
  • You will feel it get tacky or gritty
  • You should see the instant volume it gives to your hair
  • Smooth the other side of your hair so the product is underneath and the top of your hair looks smooth
  • Use in as many sections as you wish and as much as you like for your desired volume

Have you used it? Comment below or on my Facebook page or for a faster response tweet me!

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