There has been a recent survey which shows what are the most hated beauty blunders and can affect how others perceive you especially during a potential job interview.

Here are the most annoying beauty blunders (and what they represent) women can do apparently:

  • Chipped nails, 24%(nervous/unprepared)

  • Split ends, 19% (lazy)
  • Smudged mascara, 17%  (party animal)
  • Fake tan, 13% (loves a holiday)

  • Bright red lipstick, 7% (power crazy)
  • Heavily pencilled brows, 5% (too confident, cocky)

  • Overpowering perfume, 4% (attention seeker)
  • Lipstick on teeth, 3% (careless)

  • No mascara, 3%(emotional wreck)
  • Line of foundation, 2% (lack of attention to detail)
  • Drawn-on beauty spot, 2% (untruthful)
  • 100 per cent immaculate, 1% (gunning for boss’s job)

I do have a pet peeve with regards to chipped nail varnish I must say! Lipstick on teeth is also annoying but more awkward as to whether you should say it or not to the person!

What are the make-up faux pas that annoy you most? Comment below or on my Facebook page or for a faster response tweet me!

For the style & fashion obsessed..

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Survey source:


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