As you all know I am a huge fan of Tantastic products (read my reviews here), in particular the Instant Bronzer (read my review here!) so I thought they would be the perfect partner for a giveaway!

Tantastic and The Stylish World of Lou are giving two lucky readers a Tantastic goodie bag that includes the Instant Tan, the New Leg Gel and a Tantastic applicator mitt!

To enter is simple!

All you have to do is tell us your worst fake tan story. We all have them and let’s be honest, we all want to forget them but to enter all you have to do is share your worst fake tan story by commenting below this article!

The best (or should I say worst!) two stories will be chosen as our winners and each will receive the above Tantastic goodie bag! Well because after that experience, you deserve to have a perfect tan this Autumn! No more tanning disaster for you with Tantastic! 

Get commenting BELOW and good luck!

Don’t forget to spread the word and share this post on your Facebook wall and Twitter!

For the style & fashion obsessed..

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  • Must be a resident of Ireland
  • Must be 18 years old or have parents permission to enter
  • Giveaway ill run until Tuesday 25th Sept 2012
  • Terms can be changed by The Stylish World of Lou at any time


  1. when I was 18 I was invited to my boyfriend’s dad’s 50th – it was a big lavish affair and the first time I was going to meet all his family. I had an exam that morning so didn’t have time to get my tan done (or even properly shop for one) under all the stresses of studying. Instead, I ran into my local chemist after the exam and picked up a bottle of instant I hadn’t used before but my friend had recommended. When I got to the party I felt the heat of the room as soon as I walked in and feared i’d sweat the tan off. I managed to get through the dinner, but then all of his family decided to come over and meet the ‘new girlfriend’ – as they huddled around me I stood up to reveal my chair (which had been covered in beautiful white cloth for the event) was an orange mess! two orange imprints of my legs as well as an orange imprint from my back! I had sweat half my tan on to the chair! Luckily the incident didn’t affect the relationship as we are still together, but to this day I still uphold the nickname ‘Tangerine’.

  2. Worst fake tan story was when I was going to my first disco! I had bought a lovely dress and was all set to go . I had bought a bottle of fake tan ( cheapest one) in the shop which was one that you put on the night before! I I used it on my face and my body ad when I woke up the next morning I literally looked like an oompa loompa I had picked the darkest shade of tan never even looked at what shade it was! I was so embarrassed I stood out a mile away with my white dress on. I really did make an impression that night!

  3. the first tan i used was one that developed over night! I applied it with my hands and went to bed! not thinking of washing my hands properly after applying it……..the next morning my hands looked like id rubbed iodine all over them!!!

  4. Not something that happened to me personally, but there was a group of friends that would come to my boyfriend’s apartment with a gang of us before we’d head out. One girl was a “fan” (putting it midly) of fake tan and would leave a very distinct orange hue all over the toilet seat, and then left to be cleaned by all of us! Very dedicated to be tanning up that far!!

  5. I love tantastic. Until I discovered it I was an umpalumpa… I have had so many tanning disasters it’s not funny… The worst was at my sisters wedding and she had us in cream dresses and my tan ran all over the neck and arm area of the dress. My parents had to get the pictures photo shopped so they could put them on the mantle piece!!

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