The VMAs were held in Los Angeles last week and I must say the fashion on the red carpet was amazing! I can’t choose a favourite because there are a few I am just in love with!

Although it is a little late, here is my full report! Better late than never!

Katie Perry wearing Elie Saab (a dress from her Autumn Winter 2004 collection!) looked stunning. The hair is stunning, her make-up is gorgeous and as for the dress, Elie Saab knows how to make a dress fit for the red carpet.

Miley Cyrus reminds me of Pink here. I don’t like the hair and this rock chic grunge look she has going on. The Emilio Pucci dress is fabulous but I am a bot sick of her trying to break away from her Disney child star persona.

Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr, looked amazing in a floor length black gown. Her figure was made for this dress! The hair band though, I would not have worn. I think it takes away from her face, make-up and ultimately the dress.

Alicia Keyes. What were you thinking? No. That is all.

I love this Salvatore Ferragamo pre-spring/summer 2013 dress that Zoe Saldana is wearing but I think she is a little too thin and to me when she wears such heavy make-up because of her weight she looks tired and older than she is. However the dress is to die for!

I just take it for granted that Emma Watson will look stunning on the red carpet and this is no exception. Wearing a Peter Pilotto pre-spring/summer 2013, she looked amazing. She looks young, fresh and beautiful- one of my favourites on the night.

I think if Rita Ora wore a black plastic bag she would be able to pull it off. I am wary of jumpsuits as they can make you look bigger, but Rita looks fabulous in this one by Emilio Pucci.

This reminds me of the suit that Miley Cyrus outfit that she wore to The Billboard Awards earlier this year. I like this look. Feminine, sexy but classy and a grown up look for Taylor. Maybe she should give Miley some advice. Love her hair and make-up too!

I didn’t even recognise Rihanna. Very Halle Berry I felt. It’s a dramatic change but a welcomed one. No one wanted to see another one of Rihanna’s ridiculous outfits on another red carpet. I think she looks great here although I need time to get used to her hair!

Which was your favourite look from the night? Comment below or check out my Facebook page or tweet me what you think!

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