I got to thinking that if I had to cut down my make-up collection what products do I think I just couldn’t live without.

It took a while and some consideration but I think I would have to have four essential products.

1.       Foundation

At the moment I am using Rimmel London 25 hour Lasting Finish foundation. It’s not very oily so lasts for ages and doesn’t have a greasy shine from it. Read my full review here.

2.       Bronzer

When you are feeling a little peaky, stick on some bronzer to add some colour to your face and you instantly look healthy and glowing. I am really do hate glittery or shimmer bronzers. Ensure you go for a matte bronzer with a slightly orange undertone if you are tanned but stay away from orange tones when you are pale or generally fair skinned! I like this Hoola Bronzer from Benefit at the moment!

3.       Eyebrow shadow

Even if I am not wearing make-up someday, I fill in my brows. I feel naked without them filled and cannot leave the house without them! Myself and my friend were jsut discussing how amazing this brow palette from Essence is and at €2.99 how can you go wrong!

4.       Vaseline

I am addicted to Vaseline and constantly use it as a lip balm but I was thinking it has so many uses if I really had to cut down on products. You can use it on your lips, on your brows to keep them in shape, eyelashes as mascara and on your face for a shine as a gloss or highlighter! I love the coco butter one- smells so good!

What four products could you not live without? Comment below or on my Facebook page or for a faster response tweet me!

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