As you know I love the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I love the dewy finish to it and the fact that the HD formula reflects light to make your skin look radiant. However I do find that it does not last as well as other foundations so I decided to try this 25 hour Foundation also from Rimmel London.

I also chose the Classic Beige colour.

The consistency is thicker in this 25 hour foundation and the coverage is a lot better. It does not have the dewy finish that I like but because of this it really does last a lot longer.

I do not really need a lot of coverage for my skin and I don’t like to feel as though I am wearing make-up. I find this foundation a lot heavier than the other one which means I don’t like to wear it during the day- I like to keep it for when I am going out at night.

I wouldn’t say it lasts 25 hours but it does last about 12 hours. One other thing I  would say about this foundation is remember to take it off no matter how late it gets! This foundation seems to clog my pores quicker and when I didn’t take it off one night (yes I know shame on me!) I woke up to less than perfect skin!


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