We all know that the biggest and most highly anticipated issue of the year for glossy mags is the September Issue. (so much so, a documentary movie was made about it!)

I had posted a picture of the Vogue September Issue the other day to my Facebook page and I thought why not get them all together and compare them! The cover for the September issues are the most important element and magazine’s tend to choose some of the biggest stars around rather than just a model.

The Vogue September Issue is celebrating the 120th issue so it is even more of a big deal this year!

Lady Gaga- American Vogue
Gwen Stefani- Harper’s Bazaar
Katy Perry- Elle US
Miley Cyrus – Marie Clare
Selena Gomez- Teen Vogue
Sophia Vergera- Allure
Glamour- Victoria Beckham

Then of course, there is Karlie Kloss who has secured herself two September Vogue Issues!

British Vogue
Vogue Japan

Which is your favourite? Comment below or check out my Facebook page or tweet me what you think!

For the style & fashion obsessed..


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