This is more of my Style of the Century rather than my Style of the Week. On the 5th August 2012, my idol and ultimate icon Marilyn Monroe was 50 years dead and this is my dedication to her memory.


I am often asked why I love her so much and it began when I was 12 years old and had to do a school project on someone famous. On the advice of my Aunt, I chose Marilyn Monroe.


Her life and career fascinated me and from then on she became my idol.  My room is covered in pictures and memorabilia.


She has become the world’s ultimate sex symbol and proves why curves are much sexier than size 0! Her iconic blonde curls and red lipstick have been replicated by many but never out done.

So here is to my idol- 50 years gone but even more of an inspiration to me today than she ever was.

RIP Norma Jean x x

“I’m Not Interested In Money. I Just Want To Be Wonderful.”

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