As girls, it has often happened to us where we have had make-up on all day but had to rush off in the evening or to a night out without having time to take off our make-up and re apply. Nothing looks worse than day old make-up when you are heading out for the night.

I am always wandering through blogs and vlogs and I came across these four quick fixes to re-touch your make-up so I had to share them with you.

1. Blot

Take a cotton bud or Q tip and blot under your lower lash line. This absorbs oils from under your eyes which might lead to fall out/melting  from your shadow or liner from throughout the day. Don’t rub, just blot gently!

2. Powder

Essential for your face to use a powder to take away shine.  As you all know I use Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and a big fluffly brush and just sweep gently across my face and T-Zone. Some people prefer to blot away shine with blotting paper which removes excess oils from your face.

3. Curl

This is a very handy tip! Most girls reapply their mascara but as it is already on since this morning adding more to a dried layer can make it clump! Carry a small eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes and this will lift them without having to apply more mascara and clumping your lashes together!

4. Lips

I think every girl does this a thousand times a day but it definitely makes your face appear fresher and touches up when you re apply your lipstick or gloss or both! I re apply my lipstick on a night out I would say about 20 times! Even when I am going to get a cab at the end of the night, I touch up my lipstick- I don’t know why!

So there are your tips and rather than carrying around your whole make-up purse you just need to carry;

  • Cotton bud x 2
  • Powder and brush
  • Mini eyelash curler
  • Lipstick/Gloss (you probably carry this anyways!)

What do you think of these tips? Do you have any other musts for freshening up your make-up? Comment below or check out my Facebook page or tweet me what you think!

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