There are tonnes of skincare products and tips and tricks out there but I have searched for my ultimate shortlist.

Here are my favourite 5 tips that you can do to and see an improvement in your skin in a week!

You may think these are obvious and are skincare 101 but you know these two tips are imperative to keeping your skin clear and glowing!

  1. Drink Water- ok I am not saying 4 litres a day but I bet if you up your intake of water by 3 extra glasses a day you will notice a difference. Try some hot water in the morning with a slice of lemon in it instead of your morning coffee to wake yourself up!
  2. Take off your make-up- I preach this regularly but I break this rule almost every weekend and when I do I can see a noticeable difference in how my skin looks and feels and I will end up breaking out. Why spend your week looking after your skin to undo it all at the weekend.
  3. Wear SPF on your face and neck- I wear SPF25 every day and I live in Ireland! When I am abroad I wear either SPF40 or 50. I always end up with a tanned body and a white face but I don’t care- I would rather bronze my face! (Check out my favourite one here!)
  4. Don’t trust counter girls! Ok I am generalising here yes but if they had their way you would be in your bathroom for 3 hours every morning and night applying lotions and potions. They are there to sell products and are going to sell you as many as possible!
  5. Clean your make-up brushes! If you don’t you will just end up spreading dirt on your face every day. This is particularly important if you have had a recent breakout.
  6. Everything in Moderation- too much moisturiser might just make your skin oiler than it is. Most people think that they need to layer tonnes of moisturiser on their face. Get to know your skin – because you might just cause a breakout!
  7. Touch your face less! It’s simple but works. Your hands come into contact with so much bacteria everyday so touch your face less!

What are your ultimate skincare tips? Comment below or check out my Facebook page or tweet me what you think!

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