She is known as Britain’s sweetheart and it is undeniable that she is stunning. However I often think that without her stylist and media trainer, Cheryl Cole would be more suited to Geordie Shore than hanging out with the Royal family.

We can forgive her for looking chav-like before her money and fame but it is inexcusable when you have your own personal stylist. Or maybe her stylist was on holidays when these outfits were chosen.

In her WAG days circa World Cup 2006:


Someone for got to tell her that your bra on show is not a fashion trend you want to follow!

Girls Aloud times:


This should not have been allowed!

Her third X-factor season:



It all began to go down hill when she tried to stand out from Danni who clearly took the spotlight from her in the style stakes.

London Fashion Week Party:


The outfit; the hair; it’s all awful!! To add insult to injury she wore this to a LFW party! eeek!

X-Factor USA:


She tried to wow the crowds as she arrived for X Factor USA in that season’s biggest trend; colour blocking. Unfortunately her look fell flat…but her huge hair didn’t!

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