I have so many brushes for my make-up. I have my full professional set from LA Creative, I have my travel set of MAC brushes and then I have plenty of individual brushes that I have picked up over the years. So I got to thinking what brushes I could actually not live without.

1. Foundation brush

I hate applying my foundation with my hands (unless it is MAC face and body!) so I always use a brush. The type is your choice. I prefer a flat foundation brush but many people prefer a stippling brush. I have been using a flat brush for years so I think the reason for my preference is probably an old habit!

Which do you prefer?






2. Contour brush

I used to never contour and not it is a must in my make-up routine. Spednign 5 minutes contouring can completely change your face shape and I find a contour brush essential for this step.

I love my LA Creative one.




3. Eyeliner Brush

Being a fan of gel liner, I always apply eyeliner with a  brush. I prefer to use a small angled brush but many people like to use a flat brush or a pointed tip. You can also use this brush to fill in your brows or lips! Just make sure to clean it each time! What type of brush do you use?









4. Fluffy Powder Brush

I always use powder to set my make-up and I love my big fluffy powder brush to apply it with. I also use this to apply a little bronzer to my neck or chest should I need it.








5. Flat eye shadow brush

I love to use a flat eye shadow brush to pack on eye shadow. It really helps you to build colour and avoid excess fallout caused from a sweeping motion.








6. Blending brush

The brush I cannot live without. It is so easy to create amazing smokey eye looks once you have a fluffy blending brush. Eye make-up looks amateur when you can see the lines of colour so get blending to give yourself that professional look!

What are your favourite brushes? Comment below or on my Facebook page or for a faster response tweet me!

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  1. Yay I have all of these 🙂 You should try the Sigma tapered blending brush for contouring, it’s amazing! And the Real Techniques buffing brush that comes in their core collection is fantastic for foundation x

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