I loved the Olsen twins growing up whether it was Two of a Kind, So Little Time or one of their straight to DVD movies, I would watch anything they were in. Although I look back now and think what were they wearing and why did I want to dress like them, they were bang on trend for the time.

Unlike most of your childhood celebrity favourites the Olsen twins actually remained stylish and changed with trends and continued to be style icons and for that reason they are my Style Crush this week.

Check out these reasons why!

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For the style & fashion obsessed..

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  1. I hear more negative things about their styles, most of the times they dress them selves in hobo oversized clothing or in dresses that seem ages old for their youth! I think when they are stoked for mags, they look great, however on their own, a mess… Check out Bad Fads Blog on how she feels. She’s hilarious about the twins.

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