Rimmel have some amazing products and today I am discussing Match Perfection Foundation. Usually I always stick to the same foundation every time and can often get into a rut, always sticking to my favourite product but when I have started my make-up artistry course a few years ago, I vowed to be more experimental with different brands and products.

Now I love to use different foundations for different looks. Although the Revlon Colour Stay Whipped Foundation is incredible, if I have doing a heavier contoured look, then I like to use a light weight foundation so my makeup doesn’t cake.

I love this foundation- it has light to medium coverage but has a HD formula which means that your skin will show up flawless on camera! Great for nights out!

Of course, the product is builable and you can build coverage if you prefer a heavier coverage.

There are a number of brands that have a HD formula but the best part about this Rimmel foundation is that it will cost you €10! Check out the Rimmel website for more information!

The formula is semi matte, so gives you that gorgeous glowy, dewy look. Of course if you have oilier skin ( like me!!) you NEED to carry powder with you to ensure shine is kept at bay in unwanted areas such as the nose, chin and forehead.

It is also SPF 15, which of course is so important and a major plus for me!

For the style & fashion obsessed..



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