After hearing about these press on nails from Broadway nails, Impress nails, I knew I would have to try them. I love nails and after deciding to give my own natural nails a break from gel nails, I was on the look out for some great nail colours when I came across these stick on nails from Impress.

Don’t be fooled or discouraged. Yes, they are stick on nails but they are not like any other false nails I have tried before. There is no glue involved- you merely peel the cover from the back of the nail and press it onto your nail.

I just stuck one on to see what they were like and it feels very secure once on your nail and lasts for upto a week. You can get them in an array of colours and I have them in natural manicure.

I bought them for €8.50 so I will do a post when I have tried them out and let you know what they are like! Even Nicole Scherzinger has been raving about these nails!

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