Okay I will admit it. There was a time when I thought I would never say that Nicole Richie was my Style Crush of the Week. I am referring to the time circa The Simple Life.

But I think it is only fair that we forgive her her past mistakes and crimes against fashion and focus on the style icon she has become today. Look up boho chic in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Ms. Richie.

Let’s take a look at some of her outfits since her style transformation.

Shortly after Nicole dumped her extentions for a classic bob, she rocks the red carpet looking elegant and sophisticated a far cry from her Simple Life days.

Rocking a play suit whilst out shopping. The extentions are back but this time they are natural and of course what Nicole Richie look would be complete without her signature oversized shades.

Kitted out in House of Harlow accessories, Richie gives boho a whole new meaning.

Ripped jeans, hair scarf and white oversized shirt. Style simplicity.

Rocking the red carpet in black dress and sheer cardi. Love it.

The perfect outfit. It looks like this stylish mom is about to hit Glastonbury but no she is just shopping with baby Harlow. I am a big fan of the aviators and her hair pulled back like this is amazing!

Some simple red carpet glamour proves Nicole can look stylish whether she is out shopping or attending an event.

That is why Nicole Richie is my style crush!

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  1. Yes, Nicole has one of the strongest Before and After’s in recent fashion history. I actually saw her about 2 years ago in Selfridges, London when she was promoting the release of her Winter Kate line. I just couldn’t get over how refined and stylish she looked and when she began to sign a couple of girls walked up to her singing the silly ‘ Sa sa sa’ song she used to sing with Paris on Simple Life and as they sang, Nicole looked a tad embarassed for them. At the time, I felt like walking up to the girls and saying, ‘err, can’t you SEE she has moved on darlings’…

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