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The creator of The Stylish World of Lou is Amy-Louise Tracey, a 24 year old, Irish girl living and working in Los Angeles. She is obsessed with style, fashion & beauty.

Having started blogging in 2010, I decided that in 2012 was the year for me to dedicate a blog to style & fashion. Having worked in the beauty & fashion industry, my love for haute couture and high fashion grew and I decided to create a blog solely dedicated to this love was my next step. And so The Stylish Word of Lou was created.

Just like most girls, I am obsessed with make-up and am in fact a qualified bridal and high-fashion make-up artist.

I created The Stylish World of Lou for all those out there who are also style & fashion obsessed and I love to hear what you think so please comment on articles and follow the blog!

For the style & fashion obsessed..

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  1. May I ask, by placing ads in your blog, or marketing products do you receive revenue for when those ads are clicked? I asked because I’m interested in generating revenue from blogging….:)

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